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Dr. Eunice Green

These blends are created to offer optimum nourishment and are all prepared by hand, carefully blended and packed in loose form to ensure great quality.


Herbs contain powerful ingredients that, when used correctly, can give the body what it needs to heal itself. 


The main purpose is to put the body back into homeostasis-balance. 


Herbs have been used for centuries and ancient cultures had no idea why they worked but they knew that certain herbs produced specific results.  In the last years, scientists have discovered the components in the herbs that produce results.

Historical use backed by science- wonderful!!


The herbal blends and suggestions are not intended to replace medical advice.

Herbal Blends Made Special For You in Mind!

The Natural Way to Great Health

Eunice Green, NHD, has been formulating herbal blends for over 15 years.  It all started when she had an issue with kidney stones for many years and after seeking support and assistance from a multitude of doctors, both allopathic and natural, with no results, she used the background she had in herbal therapy to design and formulate an herbal blend.  Very quickly she had results and began sharing the blend with others. 


Next came the Congestion Relief tea that she formulated when she had an issue with bronchitis.  Again, it worked and she began sharing it with others and it has become the best selling formula.


Additional formulas came after that and she loves sharing these products with those who are seeking a happier, healthier life without the use of prescription drugs.


These herbal formulas offer a natural, effective approach to improving well-being and the quality of life.